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£1 per month hosting Gimmick or Good Value ?

Why the Business Savvy Host Fraser

We all love a bargain but when it comes to hosting your business website would you rather have say £1 a month for the first year with a limited feature set  ? Or £3.71 per month with up to £9.99 saving in the first year ( Free Domain Name ) ongoing ?

Lets look at the GoDaddy offer for example : would cost me :

£12.00  + VAT + Fees  for the first year on the Email Starter Package and either the Website Builder Personal Plan or Online Store Plan.

For the record Email Starter reads as one ( 1 ) email mailbox ( ie only you ) – additional mailboxes can be purchased at £ ( not easy to find )

If I opted for the cheapest package ( The Website Builder Plan ) my one domain, one email mailbox website would cost a very appealing looking £14.51 a year but when I look at the savings for this most basic of websites I see that the first year discount is a whopping £105.75 per year.

Gimmick or Good Value ?

Gimmick or Good Value ?

In other words my very basic package has a very premium real cost which comes into effect when (if)  I renew for year two of £120.26 or £10.02 per month  – and that’s without any other nice to haves like malware scanning ( £0.99 per month)…

How does this compare if I had decided to Host Fraser ?

Well the Starter Package ( one domain ) is £3.71 +vat per month or £44.52 + vat in the first year. My domain name is FREE in year one , a £9.99 saving which means in year two my annual cost of domain and hosting would be £54.51 +vat –  more than a 100% saving when compared to GoDaddy !

( Even spreading the costs over two years the starter package at full face value is still cheaper, and better specified, than GoDaddys’ discounted year + 1 year at full face value by approx 12% or £16 )

What’s the catch – probably there is a reduced feature set ?  Well see the summarised feature set below then look at the full spec – here

It is abundantly clear why most of our business users select the Host Fraser Business Plan at £5.20 per month ( £62.40 year ) as it enables the hosting of 5 sites, 500 Emails with 15 Mailing Lists, 20 MYSQL databases and 5 Cron Jobs ( and still much, much cheaper than GoDaddys cheapest  after discount period ).

I’m afraid it’s no, No, NO Daddy unless I only want my website for 1 day short of 12 months.

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