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One Click Installer Web Hosting and Cloud Services

Deploy over 40 well known apps offers you an astonishingly simple way to build your online journal, community–focused web site or photo gallery with just a click. With’s Web Applications created in–house by us, you can create a full–fledged website picking from over 40 PHP–based web apps.

The Web Applications is incorporated into the Web Site Control Panel that comes with’s cloud website hosting plans plans and servers (semi-dedicated hosting plans, VPS plans and dedicated web hosting plans).

Deploy your brand–new site with simply a click of the mouse

Our Web Applications sports an easy–to–work–with user interface for setting up your blog, photo album or community–focused web portal. You don’t need to take care of any manual installation or script configuration assignments. Simply choose the web application of your preference and insert the name of your web site and the tool will install it within a few seconds. And since the web apps offer you an astonishingly easy way to put your web site content online, you’ll be able to upload your images, texts and video clips to the web with a mouse click.

In addition, the web apps are routinely updated to their most recent stable releases and are working flawlessly on our cloud website hosting platform.

Publish and make updates to your sites with a mouse click

After your app is installed, you will be given instant access to its administrative area and will be able to start uploading new site content and to make updates at any time. The admin details, including the login URL and the admin password, are stored in the hosting Control Panel, so you will be able to see them whenever you need to.

In case, for any reason, you don’t need the installed web app any longer, you will be able to disable it with a single mouse click from the Control Panel. There’s no need to delete all the text, image, audio and video files one by one.

Choose your app in the sign–up page

With, you can have an app of your choosing pre–installed in your hosting account right at signup. On the order page, simply pick the application of your preference from the pop–down menu and it’ll be instantly installed for you. This way, you will have a new WordPress or Joomla web site published to the Internet before you even log into your cloud website hosting plans or semi-dedicated servers account!

After you’ve logged in, you can use’s one–click Web Applications to install additional web applications for any other domain or sub–domain in your web hosting account. You can select between over 40 web apps.