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CRM Software Solutions

How To Identify Customer Relationship Management Software…That Works.

Good CRM software solutions  will enable businesses to visually manage customer interactions. An effective system should help the business to meet it’s key objective:

Converting leads into new customer sales.

A primary desirable characteristic of a good CRM is thoughtful design of the  graphical user interface (or GUI). First impressions count and are influential in gaining the end users buy in. This will also improve the on-boarding experience if the system being introduced meets their expectations. The app savvy age at the very least knows what a ‘good’ software application should look like. A minimal list of system requirements includes; ease of use, little training , accessible and responsive. With this criteria in mind Popcorn have developed a unique CRM and lead generation application. Finally there is a platform that is intuitive and makes managing vast amounts of data from email generated leads a breeze. Another benefit from this no nonsense approach to design is that the data analytics software will adapt easily to your business model.

  • How easy is it to setup?
  • How compatible is the solution with our existing systems?

A CRM integration into your existing business should be a seamless process. This means that the system should be usable by anyone in your organisation with little or no disruption. An indication of  success will be a users preference to using the CRM over analytics derived from spreadsheets like Excel. This is where the revolutionary Popcorn CRM shines. Business users are now empowered to quickly gain insight into prospect conversations. And  add icing to the cake – they can do so affordably!

If your lead management solutions is the correct fit for your organisation, email generated leads will be efficiently identified and converted into sales.

The transition from an email enquiry through to a sales should follow a familiar path. This means that the entire process should not be defined by the CRMs Software provider. We achieve this by making the lead generation system customisable. As a result the entire customer acquisition journey through to a sales conversion is bespoke to your business. Finally, a sales process designed by you!

What Is The Best CRM Solution For My Business?

The best CRM solution for your business is the one that fulfils your business needs – gaining customer sales. Yet, with so many good systems in the market, how do we choose the best one for us? Start with the specification. Too narrow a feature list will require supplementing with other software tools. An example would be a dependence on spreadsheets. On the other hand  an overcomplicated feature set requires an increased learning curve and risks becoming an underutilised resource. Too high a specification results in an increased costs overhead. Now having looked at these basic requirements we state with conviction that the best CRM for your business should meet these minimum specifications:

  • Simple CRM
  • No set up fees or hidden costs
  • Email Reminders
  • Online Support

Popcorn Email Marketing

Popcorn Email Marketing & Lead Management consists of Smart Tracking tools. They are smart because they enable the user to more accurately identify qualified prospects based upon their behaviours. This behaviour focused approach has been proven to be superior and more efficient when in comparison to conventional ‘Open and Click’ reporting. Popcorns innovative ‘One-Click-CRM’ software and Sales Pipelines are now empowering business owners to easily identify and manage sales prospects in one location.

CRM Software Solutions that generate sales
CRM Software Solutions that generate sales

How Much Does Lead Generation Cost?

Our email lead generation platform has a very low cost entry point. However, Popcorns aim is not to be the cheapest CRM Software platform on the market. Instead, we present the best value CRM proposition. As a result, CRMs that really work are now accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Are you a CRM newbie? Or are you still using customer management systems based on MailChimp or Excel?  If so, take the opportunity to consolidate your data into one simple to use platform from £5.00 per month.

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