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UK Datacentre Move To Lean And Green

Hosting Has Just Got Green, Lean And Mean

In July 2023 we’re moving our UK Datacentre to Coventry! As well as packing a serious punch in terms of infrastructure and connectivity options we take on board some heavyweight security and environmental credentials too.

The new datacentre facility is expected to offer

  • lower energy costs,
  • improved efficiency,
  • and increased protection for your data:


Ensuring utmost security is of utmost importance to UK Servers. The company has achieved ISO 27001 certification, which is the industry’s highest standard for information security.

This certification confirms that the facility complies with rigorous standards to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, as audited by an independent external body (UKAS).

In addition to their robust and redundant infrastructure, customers can also benefit from DDoS mitigation and filtering systems for added security.


The company has made significant investments in power systems for their data centre.

They use advanced n+1 144kw APC Symmetra PX systems with integrated power distribution, allowing them to constantly monitor power supply to each rack.

They operate mirrored mains switchgear with multiple redundant mains supplies to our UPS systems.

Additionally, they have backup diesel generator power that can sustain all systems for over two days in case of a grid failure.


The Coventry datacentre employs a cutting-edge green evaporative cooling system.

This innovative technology, known as “ecocoolers,” is significantly more efficient than traditional computer room air conditioners (CRACs) that rely on compressors. In fact, ecocoolers can be up to 80% more efficient.

Power Usage Efficiency 

The datacentre has achieved an impressive power usage efficiency (PuE) of just 1.19 by incorporating advanced evaporative cooling technology and transformer-less UPS.

In simpler terms, this means that only 1.19MW of power is needed to support every 1MW of IT load.

This outstanding efficiency makes the facility one of the most energy-efficient in the UK, resulting in reduced environmental impact and lower running costs. These cost savings are then passed on to customers.


Understanding the importance of data to businesses, UK Servers prioritizes security.

The company has implemented a multi-layered physical security system to protect the facility.

Access to the building is closely monitored by visual checks and proximity access tags.

Furthermore, constant surveillance of both the inside and outside of the datacentre is ensured through 24/7/365 video monitoring and digital recording.


This facility is served by several carriers, such as BT, KCOM, Virgin Media, and Level 3, all of whom can provide 10Gb/s connections on-site.

Moreover, it has its own fast IP transit blend on-site. Upstream carriers include NTT and Level 3, as well as peering agreements at the London Internet Exchange (LINX).

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