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Website Privacy Policy Waiver

We are not attorneys/solicitors, we do not provide Privacy Policies as a service and we are not responsible for your business complying with any applicable privacy laws.

However, we do have a partner relationship with a third-party Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions generator service called Termageddon and we are able to assist you with linking those policies to your website. You are under no obligation to utilize Termageddon, but Termageddon is the provider which we use on our own website, have a commercial relationship with (we receive a commission fee or can resell their license to you if you decide to purchase) and would recommend. 

Please note, should you choose to use Termageddon’s services, your relationship will be directly with them, governed solely by their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

My Website Privacy Policy Plan

By signing this waiver, you acknowledge that we have informed you that applicable (state, national, or international) law may require your website to have a Privacy Policy. 

Article: Why You Need A Website Privacy Policy

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