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Why You Need A Website Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy Generator Auto Update

Website Privacy Policies In country, region or state privacy laws exist that require certain websites to have a Privacy Policy. It is a legal requirement that you should take into serious consideration as there are implications for your business and your website. What Is A Privacy Policy? A Privacy Policy is a statement provided on […]

How To Maintain Websites

How To Maintain Websites

How To Maintain Websites Maintenance is a time intensive service for which service levels and costs are determined on an individual basis. Hosting and Design UK provide fixed fee maintenance to our Hosting And Design clients. Maintenance updates can also be provided on a one off or ‘ad-hoc’ basis. Hosting and Design small business clients […]

When To Maintain Websites

When To Maintain Websites For content that changes frequently ie daily or weekly you need a content management system (CMS) and a plan or schedule. A CMS can take many forms and are chosen based on the available skillset, the type of content being managed and cost.  Even with the best initial intention  most small business are […]

Website Maintenance – Why ?

Website Maintenance – Why? Internet Browsers are no longer a standard, stable reference platform – there is now a wide choice available, from multiple vendors, with frequent updates and ‘developments’  often due to discovered security risks. Hardware platforms too are constantly changing – Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Phablets, Mobile phone… what works well with your website […]

Administrative Support

Administrative Maintenance Content updates: It is important to keep your website’s content fresh and relevant. This may involve updating blog posts, product information, and other types of content on a regular basis. This also has a positive impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Updated prices, offers, promotions Changing trends, regulations, law Adding or removing static […]

WordPress Malware Scan & Fix

A significant proportion of website owners are unaware of malware present in their hosting and infecting their websites – and even if they were they wouldn’t know what to look for. An effective WordPress security maintenance check should include a scan for known malware and suspicious files – identify them and suggest a fix – […]

Update WordPress Softwares

Update core files, plugins and themes WordPress updates should be managed and not updated in stages – as some may be incompatible with current themes and plugins (which comes first – the chicken or the egg ?). If an update breaks the site then it is easier and quicker to rectify. An update normally has […]

Remove Surplus Software

Remove unused plugins and themes WordPress can be readily extended through the vast library of software add-ons ; in the main themes and plugins. Some are only needed once or are replaced by more suitable code and become in effect redundant. Unless you wrote the code yourself the quality and security integrity can vary from […]

Disable XML-RPC

Disable XML-RPC XML-RPC allows interaction between blog posts and some plugins. WordPress is essentially a blogging platform on steroids – although these days it is mostly used asa CMS for websites. XML-RPC is useful for automated content from feeds but is not used to its full for regular websites. Hackers exploit XML-RPC as an opportunity […]

Disable PHP Error Reporting

Disable PHP error reporting PHP error reporting can be exploited by hackers to glean information about your hosting, website platform or CMS and where to focus their attention to take advantage of known weaknesses in software or applications. Interrogating error messages and the header information provided can yield the following information : Host operating system […]