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US Data Center Steadfast Rebrands As ColoHouse

Customers of our HostFraser.com USA Data Center, Steadfast in Chicago will now be served from the same location but now rebranded as ColoHouse following an acquisition.

Our HostFraser.com partner data center located in Chicago, United States, formerly known as Steadfast, has recently undergone a significant transformation and is now rebranded as ColoHouse.


Miami, FL based ColoHouse, a prominent global IT platform provider offering a wide range of services including colocation, cloud solutions, and IT services, has undertaken this rebranding initiative following its recent acquisition of Steadfast.


The acquisition of Steadfast signifies a notable development in the IT industry. For over two decades, Steadfast has established itself as a trusted data center provider, primarily serving the Midwest region. Their Chicago facility has been instrumental in delivering customized IT solutions, spanning architecture, design, management, and infrastructure expansion planning.


According to Paul Blint, the CEO of ColoHouse, the acquisition aims to fortify an already robust and reliable IT platform across diverse geographic regions. In his words, Steadfast brings a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions to the ColoHouse portfolio, thereby enhancing their already impressive array of cloud services.


Paul Voswinkel, the CFO and interim CEO of Steadfast, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “ColoHouse is pioneering a unique path in our industry. The vision of the ColoHouse team aligns seamlessly with Steadfast’s motto, ‘We make IT work, so you can take care of business.’ ColoHouse is amalgamating top-tier digital infrastructure solutions to create a singular IT provider capable of delivering comprehensive enterprise solutions. The synergy between the Steadfast team and ColoHouse group positions them as the most skilled team in the industry, specializing in products across the entire IT spectrum.


As for ColoHouse itself, it is a globally recognized player in the data center arena, having achieved significant growth through strategic acquisitions and partnerships. The company’s standing in the industry was further solidified following its acquisition by 1547 Critical Systems Realty and Valterra Partners.


This collaboration has propelled ColoHouse into a dominant position in the market, offering comprehensive data center and cloud solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.



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