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Start Building Your Own Website At Minimum Cost

Create A WordPress Website – With Hosting Under £50/yr

Your Own WordPress Website for Under £50/yr ?

How cheaply can you setup your own WordPress website – with domain name, hosting and SSL ?

We’ll show you how – for £47.50. read on.

The main initial  costs associated with getting your blog or website going are time, hosting and domain name, and the essentials for keeping it secure and operational.

If you are using your own time, have great value and fully featured hosting and a FREE SSL certificate you’re already off to a good start. The end results are determined by your own skills and ability.

We’ll show how you can get your own WordPress website or blog off the ground for £47.50 (plus VAT) in the first year using the HostFraser.com Starter Plan.

No need to worry if you come unstuck – there is excellent 24×7 technical support on hand to help with any queries.

1. Starter Hosting Plan - Cost £47.50 + VAT

2. Pre-Install WordPress Add Domain Name Cost £0

(Note: Exchange rates applicable at the time of publication)

A new database will be created and configured for WordPress along with a WordPress installation using the default theme for you to style, change theme or configure as you wish !

Once your up and going you will have access to a large catalogue of FREE WordPress themes to get the look and functionality that’s more specific to your need.

3. Add FREE SSL Cost £0

  • In your new Host Fraser Control Panel go to My Domains -> SSL Certificates
  • SelectYour Domain Name’ then – add ssl certificate

Activate FREE SSL For Your Domain Name

In the SSL Certificate Configuration window ‘Request Let’s Encrypt certificate’ should be selected.

An IP Address suitable for SSL will be made available.

Activate your SSL Certificate !

  • You are now encrypting data to and and from your website.
  • Your website is now accessible via https://Your-Domain-Name
  • Visitors to your website have more reassurance
  • Google will rank your site higher.

What’s not to love ? 


The budget conscious web designer – whether it be for a blog, information website or an application can now setup and launch a WordPress web site with hosting, domain name and ssl protection for under £50 – or local currency equivalent, in the first year.

And after that ? The FREE domain name registration or transfer offer is valid for 12 months. You will have the cost of domain name renewal to add annually – all in, still very economical hosting – no huge price surge after the end of a promotional period !

Get started today – try the 30 day low risk trial to get a feel for how user friendly and fully featured the control panel is. Note there is limited functions for a live site during the free trial period which you can can choose to opt out of.  If you need help with your website we’re here to help.


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