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Web Hosting Concierge

Far too often we are encountering situations where website owners are being exploited and effectively held to ransom by Web Designers, Hosting Resellers and other who fall into the grey in between area.

Our Hosting and Website Concierge service is a rescue service for business owners in distress and a safe passage for new starters in website ownership.  

We provide 

  • a simplified yet fully featured control panel – when compared with industry norms like cPanel for to facilitate self-service.
  • a 24×7 help desk with local call numbers in the UK, USA and Australia
  • a trustworthy concierge service, we wont store payment details, renew plans before your notice period or deny you access to your domain name.
  • Transparency
  • Understandable and friendly conversational manner.
  • a proven track record supporting businesses of all sizes. 

For all inquiries please email

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